The Sporty

The lower part of the frunk is filled out perfectly by the smaller bag of the set. Suitable as gym bag or a weekend away with or without your Tesla. 


The two frunkles for your Tesla Modes S fill your frunk perfectly and not only allow you to load and unload quickly in just two steps, but also let you travel in style. Even outside of your Tesla.


The upper part of the frunk is filled out by the larger bag. Offers a few more litres of volume than "The Sporty". 



The metal zippers provide needed ruggedness and longevity.



Velvety inner lining with an inner pocket.



The elegant stamping on the Nubuck - leather gives a subtle glow to the bag.

Designed for those who can't be stopped by borders and want to travel the world, frunkles performance travel bags are the best your Tesla has ever seen.

With a clear design, great fit, finest nubuck leather, up to 60 litres of volume, robust zippers and the best quality craftsmanship from Germany, they are the ultimate performance bags for ultimate Travel in Style. 




Finest Nubuck-Leather



Christian Ernst



Tailor-made in Germany 


  • „The bags are awesome. Look absolutely great and are pretty robust. I never would've thought that so many clothes fit in my frunk. Three weeks in Norway, two people - no problem. We had a mattress in the back so we were able to sleep in the car a few times.“
  • „I finally found the missing piece for my Model S - the fitting, high-quality travel bags! Gives an extra upgrade to the Tesla."
  • „After I saw the bags in real life in Chris' Model S at a Supercharger, I was very much looking forward to the bags for my Model 3. After these were available I ordered them directly and am more than happy. I chose the Black & White Edition, because I thought the coloring is pretty cool."


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Frequently Asked Questions

In which frunks of the Tesla-Models do the frunkles for Model S fit in?

The bags fit in every frunk of any Model S.

But the bags are tailor-made for the frunks of all Model S after facelift (2016) and for the pre-facelift Model S models with Dual Motor. Click here to see how the bags fit in the different models. 


In which frunks of the Tesla - Models do the frunkles for Model 3 fit in? 

The bags fit in all front trunks of all Tesla Model 3. They even fit in the frunk of the Model X, for which they are not explicitly tailor-made.


Do I need to drive a Tesla to use the bags?

Of course not. You can treat yourself to travelling in style without needing to drive a Tesla. 


Where are the bags made? 

The frunkles are being made by a small family business in Germany.


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